Posted by: HortAlaska | February 21, 2021

Peony Pollen and Carp!

Flower growers are always looking for other products or marketing methods to add value to their main product- fresh cut peonies. I see a lot of ads and information about peony artwork, medicinals, tea, cosmetics, calendars, photography, and so much more. However, these researchers show that connections might occur in areas one would never expect. At least for me, I would never have guessed that peony pollen could be a food supplement for fish! My question is, how do they harvest peony pollen, and what quantities make such an endeavor economical! Plus you have to like carp!


  1. Harvesting pollen is a significant business for the kiwifruit industry, wherein orchards are established and maintained solely for pollen harvesting … used to supplement pollination. Hence I suggest examining how these enterprises operate … just a suggestion.


    • That is very interesting. When I visited China a few years ago, I was introduced to the world of peony oil extracted from seed that is used in many industries from cooking oil to cosmetics. Through my berry research, I encountered chemists in Scandinavia that were extracting commercial quantities of antioxidants from tiny, tiny lingonberry seeds. They are all part of amazing industries. I would love to know more about how these enterprises operate, including kiwifruit! Have any links to pollen harvesting in kiwifruit? Thanks!


      • A quick use of Google and this site comes up Not an endorsement of the company nor products and services, but it is alive and well as an enterprise in NZ. I understand Chile and China also have large production areas as well for kiwifruit pollen production.


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