Posted by: HortAlaska | October 14, 2014

Another disease ID’d

I have attached a short article about a red spot disease identified for the first time on peonies in Chile. I checked with Andrea G, and she told me, yes, indeed, this disease occurs both in Alaska and Oregon. This past summer, we all noticed some distinct red lesions on the stems and dark red spots on leaves. Now we know what it is!

2014.Gilchrist et al


  1. Does anyone have photos of this?


  2. Other than the spotting and discoloration evident in the photos, is there any other impact we should be aware of? Is there any effect on the flowers or buds?


  3. Pat, How to combat it? We did noticed this on our leaves but thought it to be the beginnings of botrytis, although they didn’t develop into full blown botrytis. We did spray several times and decided they were halted by the spray. Side note: We were super pleased with our outcome this summer, first year planting of 515. All were put to rest for winter in great health and strong. Lots of strong stalks and height. We allowed the three largest buds three buds to bloom, one in the Sarah and the other in Felix Crousse, to see the condition of the blooms. Excellent and happy with the size for first year (a good 4” across). The third bud we allowed to bloom because we could tell it was a different color and had no idea what it was. Turned out to be a Festiva Maxima in the mix – and again a beautiful bloom and over 5” across. Happy happy farmers! We started the lower fields but were unable to complete them in time for next year planting. The rain kept the new soil so muddy that we couldn’t get more dirt/mulch down there at all. So, we won’t be planting the next 1500-2000 until 2016 now. We’d rather be ready than hope we can get it done in time next spring. Because of all the rain and delay in field prep we also had to heal over some of the 515 peonies (we put them into large pots) into a dirt pile. We’ll see how that fares … I’m expecting good results as I’ve done this soooo many times with other plants/trees! I think about 10 Coral Charms and 15 Felix Crousse. Hope to see you soon!! Come on up for a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine in front of the fire! Maya Lane to Daisy Drive and we’re at the end, you’ll remember when you see it. 🙂

    Sheri & Greg Martin Arctic Sunrise Peonies 1071 Daisy Drive Fairbanks, AK 99712 907-388-3741


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