Posted by: HortAlaska | March 26, 2014

A look to the past

Here’s a link to a 1907 manual about growing peonies. Not all the information is accurate, but it is a fun read for people who like history.  It is available as a free download via

“Yes, when the love of the beautiful is dead in the souls of the people, when billions on billions have been raised to fill all the empires of the west and northwest. The love of the beautiful is growing, not dying, and when you get to raising the most charming, as well as the hardiest, flower on earth, you may be absolutely sure of success. If you want to be gone a week, your plants will not be like chickens, dying for lack of care. All the long, cold months of winter they are independent of you. There is no enterprise which will give you such congenial employment, which will so compound interest for you on such a bountiful scale and bring in such returns for the capital invested. Be sure and begin right. Get the best kinds [of peonies] and give them good care and your reward is certain.” C.S. Harrison

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