Posted by: HortAlaska | April 17, 2023

Nutritional Evaluation of Herbaceous Peony (Paeonia lactiflora Pall.) petals

Li, W., S. Yang, H. Cui, Y. Hua, J. Tao, C. Zhou.2017. Emerates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 29(7):518-531.

This article examines the chemical composition of peony petals especially an analysis of soluble sugars, organic acids, protein, vitamin C, total phenolics, flavonoids, and minerals. They analyzed 46 cultivars. In Chinese literature, petals used in tea have been associated with liver health, and improved body immunity. Petals harvested at full bloom also have significant nutritional value that can be used directly in food products or extracted and added to other edibles. Soluble sugars, organic acids differed little among cultivars. Other components varied among cultivars and warranted using specific cultivars for food. This project indicated that breeding for specific nutrients will be worthwhile. The problem with petals is that it takes a whole lot of petals to make 100 grams or even 1 gram dry weight. Here’s what they found:

66.5 – 177.3 mg/g fresh right soluble sugars 2.19 – 6.9 mg/g fw organic acids 6.5 – 121.6 mg/g fw soluble protein 9.7 – 30.2 mg/100g fw vitamins C 9.4 – 33.1 mg/g dw total phenolics 3.5 – 17.6 mg/g dw total flavonoids 6.4 – 11.9 g/100g dw total amino acids Na 55.8 ug/g dw Mg 1218.2 ug/g dw K 11,252.2 ug/g dw Ca 1975.4 ug/g dw Mn 8.3 ug/g dw Fe 103.5 ug/g dw Ni 10.7 ug/g dw Zn 22.8 ug/g dw Mo 1.8 ug/g dw Cr 17.3 ug/g dw


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