Posted by: HortAlaska | August 21, 2018

More interesting methods of prolonging vase life in peonies

The attached research summary suggests that the use of nano-silver particles in the vase water will increase vase life in peonies by 4 days. It does this partly through reducing bacteria in the water that can plug up the stems, as well as influencing the water balance in cut stems. The article includes a lot of links that explore the environmental concerns of using such chemicals.

Peony Vase Life


  1. Only a 4 day increase in vase life? How does that compare to increased vase life due to keeping peonies chilled for 48 hours at +33F, for example. Any idea on the cost of this nano-silver process?


    • Good questions, when you consider the entire life of a cut flower is 7-10 days, adding 4 days to that total could be significant. I don’t know a source. However, other silver chemicals used to extend vase life have caused environmental concerns, especially with disposal of unused chemicals.


      • Yep, I wondered about that as well.


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