Posted by: HortAlaska | October 28, 2017

New Botrytis species for Alaska

   When Dr. Gary Chastagner and grad student Andrea Garfinkel started their work with peonies in Alaska and Washington state, none of us were prepared for the great diversity shown by the Botrytis disease. Although most of the collections were identified as B. cinerea and B. paeoniae, many more interesting species (up to 10, perhaps), some identified, and some still being studied, emerged. I think the oddest one of all is a new species, B. euroamericana, that was identified by the WSU folks and was also identified on, of all things, grapes! Researchers in Verona, Italy identified the same species several years ago. Why in the world, this species showed up in such disparate species located on different sides of the globe is a mystery! Now Alaskans can claim yet another association with Italy! The Gold Rush in the Fairbanks area was started by the discovery of gold by Felice Pedroni (Felix Pedro) in 1902, a native of Trignano, Fanano in the province of Modena, Italy! This is certainly one for the Alaska trivia books! Read more about this species in the following journal article:

Botrytis euroamericana a new species from peony and grape in North America and Europe



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