Posted by: HortAlaska | June 15, 2014

Lygus bug

Lygus bug

Lots of Interior Growers are being inundated with Lygus bugs this summer. Several years ago USDA scientists identified two species on peonies and noted that they were most frequent on peonies near birch trees (Lygus borealis and L. punctulatus). But now they have been reported from North Pole, Chena Hot Springs, Fairbanks, and Nenana chewing on young buds. They come in a variety of colors and sizes but they all have that characteristic triangle on their backs. We have seen them at the GBG but not in great numbers, and we have yet to see any damage from them. Right now the buds here are oozing their sweet sappy nectar, and that might be an attractant. So far the CES folks have identified only one locally available spray- Orthene 97. Ron & Marge sprayed their fields, and it appears like it might be working. Too early to tell, though. Photo courtesy of


  1. Did an inspection of our fields the day after and two days after we sprayed. All the bugs are gone completely.


    Ron & Marji Illingworth North Pole Peonies 5730 Eielson Farm Road North Pole, Alaska 907-488-0446 (H) 1-866-535-6459 (fax)


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