Posted by: HortAlaska | December 7, 2012

Extending vase life

Recent research in Chile applied a pre-harvest product called Borocal® (a product containing calcium oxide and boron) with and without a post harvest conditioning solution containing sucrose to ‘Karl Rosenfield’ peony cut stems to evaluate vase life. The Borocal® was sprayed on the plants every 10 days from spring until cuttings. The Borocal® pre-treatment followed by water promoted greater flower diameter, stem weight and vase life. Other studies have found a beneficial effect of calcium on stem strength, so it is not clear if boron had any influence on these parameters. No other study on peonies has shown a boron effect. We will definitely have to add that to our research “to do” list.

Loyola-Lopez, N., C. Prieto-Labbe and B. Villouta-Barr. 2012. Agronomica Colombiana 30(1):103-110.

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